Who is Revise

Rens Visser, aka Revise, started his career as a DJ and producer based on his passion for EDM and (tech) House. Revise is born in Rotterdam in 1995, at a young age he started to make new electronic sounds on a basic soundmixer at the garret of his parents house. Later on Revise began to DJ at local nightclubs in and around Rotterdam. In 2015 he debuted with his first major booking at Starbeach. Since that moment things have gone fast for the Dutchman. In the past three years the young talent showed his capacities and energy at the Greek Island of Crete. On the 12th of January 2018, Revise released his debut record ‘Save my Life’. Revise is constantly trying to progress and create his own sound. One thing is clear, we are going to hear a lot from him.

Stream my new single 'Save My Life'